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These are some of our most frequently asked and answered SEO questions.

What does SEO actually stand for?

As you may already know, SEO means Search Engine Optimisation. But what does that even mean? And what does search engine optimisation involve? In a nutshell, SEO is centred around acquiring search engine website traffic & organic high search result rankings. By organic, we mean without having to pay for website traffic through pay-per-click advertising, among other methods. Within SEO, there are a variety of strategies to fulfil the same goals, some of which are better than others. This could be things like developing website content that focuses on keywords related to your industry or to maintaining a strong presence through many social media platforms. SEO practices & strategies are continually changing in order to remain effective as online search engines endlessly update their algorithms.

How much does SEO really cost?

In order to answer this, our SEO team would require more information about your business and industry. We can tell you this, from our many years of analysing many SEO campaigns, the number one reason why most campaigns fail (this may include yours in the past too), is that the SEO company fails to correctly assess the amount of required work in order to get you a great result & return on investment.

That being said, our packages for SEO range from $299 to over $1999 per month without any contracts.

How long does SEO actually take?

The answer to this question depends greatly on where your website is today, what sort of SEO has already been done previously, and what sort of competition you currently have.

A general rule of thumb would be that most webpages on page two can be brought to the first page within three months. For a new website, you would be looking at closer to six plus months to get decent rankings on the first page with competitive keywords.

During this time, your traffic and leads will increase gradually & regularly, but the real big wins are once you start ranking at the top half of the first search results page.

What is the return on investment on SEO?

Broadly speaking, more than you could imagine. We’ve worked with clients who grew their online sales by 800% in 1 year, which represented a Return on Investment of more than ten times. However, the real value of SEO is that the leads & traffic you get to your business lasts for a long time.

For example, we did the calculations & a Plumber in Brisbane, from a twelve-month custom SEO campaign, could receive over 10 times their capital back in profit over the twelve-month period after the campaign is finished. Yet in the following twelve-months, when they aren’t spending any money on SEO, their return on investment could jump as high as 20 times! This of course depends on which SEO plan they choose as the higher tiers provide the highest return on investment.

Can you get me to number 1 on Google?

Our SEO specialists will get you to the best attainable position for your industry, & inundate your business with brand new organic traffic. From our SEO experience, it’s better to concentrate on ranking your business for the correct keywords than just chasing number one’s. If number one is attainable for the correct terms, then we’ll give it everything we’ve got in order to get you there.

Will my rankings drop if I stop doing SEO?

SEO is a lot like going to the gym. After working out for twelve months straight, you’re going to be in excellent shape, & even if you stop for three months, you’re going to hold up a pretty good build. However, over time your results will start to drop off, & eventually, you’ll need a good tune up.

The same applies to your SEO. Everything we do is permanent & long-term, however, with time, your competition may work out a lot & eventually out-rank you. If this happens to you after your campaign ends, just give our SEO team a call & we will walk you through on how to fix it.

I’ve previously done SEO & it hasn’t worked, what makes you different?

If SEO hasn’t previously worked for you then one of four things has most likely occurred:

You’ve been completely ripped off by a scammer

Sadly there are many in the SEO industry, and if this has previously happened to you, then we are truly sorry. Trying to put a stop to these people is the reason our team is so passionate about SEO.

You were working with a marketing agency or a web designer/developer

SEO can be compared to brain surgery. It’s an extremely detailed and specific skillset that very few people actually possess. Many marketing, web design or graphic design businesses offer ‘SEO’ as one of their services, however, many of them are not experienced in this high precision craft. They may be good at many things, but in reality, you probably wouldn’t want your logo designer doing your business’ SEO.

Your previous SEO company probably didn’t know what they were actually doing

This is a lot more common than one would think. You see, many people start ‘SEO’ businesses after watching some YouTube videos or buying a $5 eBook. They believe they can learn it as they go along, and sadly, they end up convincing many businesses that they know what they are doing but they really have no idea. SEO, is a skill that takes many years or even decades to master & hiring a novice disguised as a guru will leave you disappointed in your businesses rankings.

Your business didn’t previously do enough to beat the tough competition

If you previously paid $100 or even $500 per month for SEO, then there is a high chance your campaign wasn’t aggressive enough or had enough resources or effort required to beat out the competition. As the old saying goes, “If you think a professional is expensive, wait until you work with an amateur”.

Our SEO experts can specifically pinpoint with sniper-like precision why your past SEO campaign most likely hasn’t worked in minutes. Our team can look at all your website statistics & compare them with all your competitors.  Let us demonstrate to you why your previous SEO efforts haven’t worked.

Do I need to sign a contract with you for SEO?

Absolutely not. Our SEO specialists believe that if a business needs to lock you into a long contract, then they’re not confident in their SEO abilities to deliver quality and effective work. We on the other hand will make any business owner happy with our cancel anytime month to month payments and our proven track record of excellent results.

How do we get started with SEO?

We understand that you’re busy running your own business, so our SEO team has made it as easy as possible in getting you started.

– Get in contact with us for a free SEO consultation.

– We’ll have a brief chat (on the phone or face to face), discuss your SEO investment & requirements & our team will email you a quick questionnaire. This usually takes about 15-minutes to complete, & once it’s done, our team will take over & will start to handle every aspect of your businesses SEO, so you can go back to running your own business.

Do you also offer Pay per Click (PPC) services?

Yes we do, & we are happy to provide our expertise & educate you on the benefits of organic traffic through SEO with the addition of Pay per Click (PPC) advertising.

Will you manage my Social Media accounts as part of the seo campaign?

No, unfortunately, we don’t offer this service as frankly, it is very simple to do and any business owner can easily manage it themselves. We don’t see a good reason to waste your hourly rate on simple tasks as the capital could be put to better use elsewhere.

What kind of reporting will I receive from you?

You’ll receive a report that outlines your website’s ranking and progress in the Google search engine results page (SERP) every month. This will provide you with certainty especially in the early months that although you may not be seeing more phone calls as yet, that you are in fact growing every single week, & that we will get you to your desired end result.

Do you provide any guarantees for your SEO service?

Know that no business or person can offer you a guarantee that you will rank number 1 on Google.

While a lot of SEO businesses do guarantee a number 1 ranking, ultimately only Google can make that decision, & no SEO business has a special kind of relationship with Google. Again, the relation between a guarantee for top rankings & fishy SEO businesses is strong enough that even Google recommends running away from them.

Our guarantee to you is that nobody or business will work harder to get you the rankings you require than our SEO team.

Is SEO finished?

While SEO is far from finished, over the years, some elements of it have either disappeared or evolved into something completely new. As a result of this, obsolete SEO tactics can now actively devastate your rankings on Google. As the algorithms change, SEO specialists must keep with the times and implement new strategies to their clients’ websites.

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